Praying For Husbands
This is a video clip of the kind of intercession that goes forth at SCF for men.
Young Leaders of SCF
On 5th Sundays, the youth lead the service.
Pastor Eddie Mason Sermon Excerpt
Powerful messages are delivered during Sunday services and midweek.
Celebrating Our Lord
David's Army & Young Women of Virtue dance to Hosanna!
SCF Women's Fellowship
Women of all ages gathered to fellowship at SCF.
SCF Women's Fellowship
The women of SCF regularly gather to encourage, edify and strengthen one another.
SCF Congregation
Sunday service at SCF begins at 10:30am EST every Sunday.
Standing for Revival
Pastor Eddie Mason is leading SCF toward a corporate revival.
IGNITE Student Ministry
The student ministry of SCF leads worship on the 5th Sunday of every month.
Celebrating Our Young People
Southside Christian Fellowship's pastors and elders pray for and prophesy over the children of the church.


Worship is our response to God for who He is and what He has done for us in Jesus Christ. The focus of our worship is God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. We are called to express our love and adoration to God. We are privileged to do so; thus worship is an end in itself; the highest of all calls.

Worship allows the believer the opportunity to interact with the Father individually and corporately. The call to worship follows the heavenly pattern. Revelation 4:8 tells us that there are created beings whose sole purpose is to offer praise and worship day and night without ceasing. This is a heavenly pattern that should be duplicated on earth.

The importance of worship cannot be over emphasized. Worship must become the number one priority of all believers. “All of history is moving toward one great goal, the white hot worship of God and His Son among all the peoples of the earth.” –Let the Nations be Glad p.15  Worship brings us into intimate communion with the Father. It allows us to realize that our existence is all about God and not about us. Worship humbles us so that we can acknowledge God and God alone is the center of all creation. He must increase and we must decrease.

Worship takes on many forms. It demands personal involvement and expression. Though the outward expression is meaningless to the Father if the heart is not right. God is looking for participators not spectators.

    * Exuberant Praise – Singing, dancing, shouting, clapping, laughing, weeping, waving banners, lifting hands, kneeling, bowing, blowing trumpets, beating tambourines, cymbals and drums are some of the expressions of worship.

    * Songs of Exaltation – Songs that are sung about the greatness of our God.

    * Songs to God – Songs that are not about God but are sung to God.

    * Interpretive Dance – Dancers that interpret the spirit of a song by expressing its beauty through movement.

    * Giving- We worship God through our giving. We humbly acknowledge that all we have and all we will ever have is from God. He is our provider and our sustainer.

    * Prayers are a form of worship. Prayers of petition, prayers of intercession or prayers of repentance are all expressions of worship. We are acknowledging that we are dependent upon Him for all things.

    * Confession is an expression of worship because we have reached the point where we desire the approval of God more than the approval of man. We choose to become vulnerable to both God and man.

    * Operation of the Gifts are an expression of worship because we are submitting ourselves to the Spirit to be used as a manifested expression of God Himself.